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Design for Eternity is central London, UK based stationery business. We stated as wedding invitation card business but now we expended to kids/babies birthday invitations and party stationery as well as greeting cards for special occasions. As we are also married couple and have kids, we appreciate and understand that marriage & family is important part of us. We understand that you want everything to be perfect and that the tone of your big day begins with the humble invitation and we want to help you set this tone of a perfect wedding from day one.

At Design for Eternity, we are passionate about providing you the best stationery to make a statement to your friends & family that it's your or your kid's special day. We believe that your wedding invitations, baby's first birthday, kids party invitations, seasonal greeting cards should be stylish, elegant and just like how you planned, be designed for eternity. We aim to bring you high quality stationery from our selection to cater for your taste and budget and at a reasonable and affordable price.

Please feel free to contact us via email to discuss further about your invitation cards requirements. We also provide bespoke designs as well as whole rage of stationery to match your invitation cards or the wedding/party theme. Please let us know how we can assist your wedding day, kids birthday party or personalised greeting cards for holiday season.